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Plan your move with us and be stress free! Flat Rate Guarantee

Xtreme Movers have diversified pricing for moving. We offer a one price no hassle guarantee! This is extremely rare in the moving industry today.

That’s right. No travel time or destination charges. Absolutely nothing.

Our process is simple. Once an estimate is requested, one of our representatives will set up an appointment with you in order to look over what exactly is being moved. We will then give you a price. That’s it, its that easy.

No “quote” depending on how long it will take or no last minute surprises.

The price we give you is simple and straightforward. There’s no hassle, and you know exactly what you’re paying before we even start. You won’t have to worry about the typical by-the-hour rates or charges.

Give us a call or send us a request through our contact page. We are the most affordable and the very best in the industry!